Maiella National Park

The park in all seasons of the year offers the visitor a changing and extraordinarily beautiful scenery.
Late spring is the season of flowering and, together with autumn, the best time to visit countries and hermitages. Summer is the most recommended season for walking the trails. October enchants with the many colors of beech-woods and leads towards the winter which, with its white mantle, makes the landscape particularly attractive.

The diversity of the environments, the richness of nature, the testimonies left by the presence of man make the Majella the ideal place for hiking that allows, among other things, the visitor to discover it in its most hidden aspects.
The routes for trekking enthusiasts are sometimes long and tiring; those that develop mainly at high altitudes require less fatigue, but still remain demanding, both due to climatic conditions and orientation difficulties. Therefore it is advisable not to leave the paths identified by the Park and to rely on the experience of qualified personnel, both to obtain information and, possibly, to be accompanied.

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